What is drain re-lining?

In simple terms re-lining is the method of inserting a new pipe into an existing damaged pipe (crack”s, roots and blistered pitch fibre pipes) With no-dig technology we are able to repair the pipe without excavation reducing costs.

Re-lining Method:

  • Re-round damaged pitch fibre pipe
  • Insert impregnated fibreglass liner inside length of drain
  • Mould liner into place using air or water pressure
  • Leave to cure

Benefits of Drain Re-lining:

  • Minimal cost and disruption
  • No costly excavation
  • Performed from small manholes/confined spaces
  • Repair pipes under homes, driveways and businesses
  • Resistant to leaks and root intrusion
  • Permanent structural repair
  • Drain restored to full working order the same day