Sewer Connections

We are Wessex Water  and Southern Water approved contractors, and can connect you onto main drain, in the public highway or on private land. Get connected with confidence by a company that works on reputation and quality of work

Certified to work on deep excavation to 10 metres in depth, if the public sewer is deep, sheeting will be required for safety.

Confined spaces with breathing apparatus is used when working on a public sewer, this is a necessary requirement for safety.

Dorset Drainage Services will:

  1. Contact and apply to all utility companies and obtain mapping of underground apparatus within the highway
  2. Carry out all applications and pay all fees to local highway department, section 50 road opening license and or road closer
  3. Carry out all traffic management and planning, and liaise with local highway department
  4. Carry out all applications to local water authority and pay fees
  5. Liaise with local water authority and arrange all inspections
  6. Given advance notice for work to commence and communication of works with you, this should not affect your works and deliveries to your site and affecting any time scale to your project
  7. Full permanent highway reinstatement

We carry out all the works from start to finish, leaving you to get on!